Q: Can I still wear gloves?

A: Yee - you can still wear gloves while wearing your ring protector. The soft silicone and curved design will fit comfortably over your ring and under your gloves - even latex gloves!

Q: I don't have to take off my rings to play sport anymore?

A: Not any more - don't risk any damage to your precious rings from sports tape, or to your teammates.

Q: Can I still handle food safely?

A: Yes you can - your ring protector can fit securely under your gloves (if you wear them) and can help protect your ring from any chemicals or residues. 

Q: How can I stop losing my rings when I take them off to clean?

A: Whether you're cleaning your car, washing the dog or cleaning the house - you can wear your ring protector while doing these ritual tasks. Securring protectors can fit comfortably over female and male jewellery.

Q: I don't want to have to clean or take my rings off every time I get creative..

A: You don't have to - Securiing proctectors can virtually eliminate your need to clean your rings, or take them off any time you get inspired creatively!

Q: Can I still safely wear my rings when I Garden?

A: Yes  - you can still garden safely knowing your ring won't be pulled off in the earth, or get tarnished.

Q: I worry about losing or damaging my rings constantly, but don't want to take them off?

A: Securring protectors are practical and helpful enough to help prevent accidental loss (ring coming off the finger, gemstones coming out) in every day life. They are a great assurance when communting (public transport, airports etc.) that your precious ring is extra secure.

Q: Is it worth investing in a ring protector?

A: Securiing offers a barrier against minor knocks and scratches to extend the periods between where maintenance or a renewed sparkle is needed.