Cleaning is ritual that we all take part in and seems to be a continuous act throughout our lives though some of us find it a little harder than others to get started.

Generally speaking men prefer to be cleaning the car, boat or camper and try to leave the housework to the ladies. For the man`s man Securing is perfect for avoiding accidental scratching of his “TOYS”, and useful protective covering against slime, grease and oils. For the ladies and the more helpful man Securing allows you to slip on and off your cleaning gloves without the ripping or splitting experienced in the past. No more splitting gloves dramatically lowers the risk that your hands may accidentally come into contact with dangerous household chemicals.

Securring is especially effective for those of you involved in cleaning industry. No longer will you need to remove your rings before you start work and replace them at the end of shift. Instead you can wear them all day as they will be clean, covered and protected.

Wipe away worry and clean up with confidence.